Month: January 2020

  • What does a water softener do?

    What does a water softener do?

    A whole house water filter system essentially deals with the water and gets rid of the firmness as well as minerals through an ion-exchange procedure, as well as usually the enhancement of some form of potassium or salt. The softener typically has a mineral tank that contains material grains as well as a saltwater container […]

  • How Do I know if My Furnace Ignitor is Bad?

    How Do I know if My Furnace Ignitor is Bad?

    Has your furnace failed to turn on? Are you having a hard time making your furnace work? Do not stress out; your furnace ignitor may be playing pranks on you, and you need to call for a furnace repair without delay. Modern furnace comes with an ignitor that lights the furnace and converts fuel into […]

  • 5 HVAC Maintenance Tips

    5 HVAC Maintenance Tips

    A homeowner has many things to take care of, including some aspects of HVAC maintenance. And not looking after an HVAC system can do a lot of damage and lead to serious problems. Rest assured, there are some tips and tricks experts say will prolong the life of your system and keep it up and running no matter […]