3 Tips to Create a Master Bathroom with Art, Functionality and Luxurious Touch

Your bathroom is now not just the space to take a shower for you. It means much more than that. It is not the place where you only need to get the fittings and the functionality right for the smooth mornings. It is the place that reflects your personality in every essence of it. It cannot be the afterthought occurring to you after decking up your whole home. It is the after mirth of all the efforts, creativity and functionality you can put in. So, when you are designing your master bathroom, it should be an awe-inspiring plan rather than just a mundane task of planning the look.

So, when you are leafing through all the popular magazines of interior decoration and clicking through all the websites for a little bit of inspiration, you have come up at the right place. Here, I am going to tell you about some ideas that will surely help you give the right touch of art, functionality, and luxury in your bathroom décor. Take a look.

Go for a Walk-In Shower

Now it is time for you to walk away from the blast from the past to something that adds a wow factor in your bathroom. Now, the shower is not just about the shower head. It is a walk-in shower that will create a secluded space in the bathroom that will create a more private place in the bathroom while making it look even more luxurious. It will be essentially a place surrounded by glass. You can go for opulence with different and classier looking tiles that will wrap the place up from the floor to the ceiling. Make it even more majestic by going for the stunning showerheads. Want to add a touch of relaxing vibe? Go for a shower bench. Imagine, a bright place for shower with the relaxing charm doesn’t it sound like a dream to you already!

Natural Stone Backsplash

Did you only think that backsplashes are meant for the kitchens? Well, it is a unique element in the design that will create a classy place out of nothing almost. Generally, when you are planning the look of the master bathroom, you have to keep one idea in mind, the enormity of the space. Yes, such a bathroom gives you the option of enjoying a space that is pretty big. But when it comes to designing a bathroom this large, it often becomes a challenge to keep the visual monotony at bay. So, when you are planning the interior of the bathroom and wondering how to keep the monotonous feel away, the most unique thing that you can do is introduce a backsplash. Install the stunning tiles that will be perfect to add some character in the bathroom when you are choosing some natural texture with walnut cabinets. You can go for the wall behind the bathroom vanity. If you want it to dominate the look of the bathroom, then go for the entire wall around the vanity or the window and wrap it with the tiles.


Choose a Classic Vanity

Adding a focal point in such a bathroom is undoubtedly an important task. When one is entering such a huge space, it is obvious to get visually lost in the magnitude of the luxury. To create a balance, it is necessary that you add a focal point in the bathroom. And for such a focal point, nothing can be a better substitute for stunning bathroom vanity. Go for a luxurious looking one with rich hues and detailed finishing. Think of a mirror that will have engravings or rich borders that will create a stunning statement. Worried about the price? Discount bathroom vanities from reputed stores can be your go-to option.

So, now as you know about adding art, functionality, and luxury in your bathroom, what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearby store and get your hands on the right fixtures for the master bathroom.

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