5 Signs of Water Damage in Basements

Keeping your basement safe from water damage can be achieved only by effective basement waterproofing. If your basement is not completed correctly or it has become damaged, you may experience water damage. Until critically examined, you may not realize that there is water damage in your basement. Meanwhile, discovering water damage in basements will help to prevent further damage and threats to the health of the residents.

Do you want to examine your basement for possible water damage? Do you want to know the signs of water damage in your basement? With or without basement waterproofing, here are the signs of water damage in basements that you should look out for to deal with them immediately. Read further.

1. Musty Odour

A musty odour usually characterizes water damage in basements. The basement is on the lower ground of the building and prone to water seepage that causes different kinds of smell. If you notice an unusual odor in your basement, irrespective of how often you clean or ventilate the basement, it may have resulted from mold growth.

2. Efflorescence

Efflorescence is the white powdery residue left behind on the surface if the basement after water seepage into the basement and building materials. Efflorescence builds up over time as a result of poor basement waterproofing. This is one of the signs of water damage that demands urgent attention in your home.

3. Stains or Discoloration

Walk into your basement and look out for water stains or discoloration on the floor and walls in the basement. You may see yellowish-brown color patches on the floor and walls indicating water damage in the basement. You can also check your ceilings for water stains to confirm water damage.

4. Cracks

Cracks in your basement are an indication of poor basement waterproofing and a clear sign of water damage in your basement. The cracks are entry points for water into your basement to cause damages. Water needs cracks of about one-sixteenth of an inch to seep into your basement and cause damages.

5. Mold

When there is water or moisture in your basement, mold will certainly grow there. Most of the building materials in the basement are what mold needs to feed on. Mold spores spread very fast and can be a serious threat to your health if inhaled. The presence of mold in your basement is clear evidence of water damage, and should not be taken lightly.

Basement waterproofing is a sure-fire way to prevent water damage in your basement. Check the condition of your basement waterproofing and carry out any necessary repairs to avoid water damage. As soon as you notice any of the signs discussed above, have your basement properly sealed and waterproofed.

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