5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen

Living in a compact space is the dream for some people, but you can make it even better by making the most of your space. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house and you can’t exactly compare the size of the kitchen in your parents’ house to the one in your condo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your space. 

Depending on the layout of the condominium, you may need to do some renovation but, what good is a condo renovation without a guide for action? Here are five ways you can make the most of your small kitchen, and make your home, home.

  • Plan it out 

The first step in any renovation is having a detailed plan for action. What do you want to do with your space? Furniture? Room to cook? Countertop space? Minimalist designs? Whatever it is, put it down and visualize it with the space you are working with. If it works in your imaginations and it doesn’t work with what you see, tweak the plan until you have a polished version of what you are working on. 

  • Opt for drawers 

Cabinets, as small as they may seem, take up a lot of space. For the simple reason that, they do not contain as much as drawers would, given that same space. That’s why it’s advisable to use drawers in a small kitchen. Drawers allow you to have a form of catalogue-space to sort your kitchen items, spices, utensils and so on. 

  • Fridge top is storage space

No questions asked. While the refrigerator/fridge can serve as a pantry in itself, the top can also be used as storage space for bowls and cartons of cereal. No space should be left unattended to. If you do not have a cup holder, you can stack them on top of your fridge, as well. See? Fridge top is most definitely storage space. 

  • Chairs? No. Stools? Yes. 

Chairs look nice, but they don’t stack up as nicely as stools do. Our focus is space so stools are definitely for the win. They give you a modern layout/design for your kitchen, and they can be stacked up on the breakfast bar to create space –perfect, no?

  • Crafty architectural designs 

Interior designers and architects have come up with some brilliant ideas for converting tables to drawers, beds to sofas and so on. Find the perfect one for your kitchen, with the same you have, and your budget. 

A small kitchen shouldn’t shrink your imagination. You can make the most of the kitchen, and actually leave a lasting impression on guests with your smart designs and DIY crafts.