Acrylic Print or Canvas Print: What to choose?

If you want a new piece of artwork for your house, you will need to consider the material in which you will be printing the photograph. Acrylic and canvas have always happened to be the most popular materials for print. If you want a custom artwork for your house, you may be confused about the material. 

When it comes to choosing the photography, it is not about acrylic or canvas print, but the composition as well. To get high-quality images, you will need to reach out to a professional photographer who can provide you high-quality solutions. 

There is a lot of things going on with capturing the right image. Whenever you are considering printing, you need to choose a quality that will provide justice to the image quality. Acrylic and canvas prints are both great additions for your photographs. Each of them has its benefits. If you are confused about what to choose to make sure to take care of the following points


There is a clear distinction in the construction of acrylic and canvas prints. Acrylic prints are usually made using two different processes. The first process is one of the easiest processes where the image is directly printed on the acrylic background, and the white back coating is applied. The second process requires the image to be printed on the paper and then attached with the acrylic. 

In case of canvas prints, the picture is directly printed on the page. It is further stretched around the wooden frame. 


The image quality has a significant impact on the type of print you will be choosing. If your image has bright and bold colors, you may need to opt for the acrylic prints that has light capturing qualities. Acrylic prints can contribute towards making the image appear glossier and have a sleek finish. 

If your image does not have enough bright colors, you may consider opting for the canvas prints; they have a softer touch. Canvas prints are the right choice for oil paintings and can be a suitable addition for portraits and landscapes. 


The durability of the photo print entirely depends on how you will be using it. The place you would put up the photo will have an impact on the quality. If you are going to place the image around moisture laden areas, you may need to choose canvas prints. However, canvas prints are prone to collateral damage. Therefore you should prefer being careful with it. Acrylic materials can, however, withstand these easily. You can consider reaching out to experts at Big Acrylic to find the best acrylic canvas.