Biometric Sensors- An Insight into its Types

Earlier, most organizations would use a paper-based sign-in/ sign-out system to keep track of their employees, visitors, contractors, and anyone who visits the premises. However, the advent of technology has given us more secure systems that are more effective at protecting your property from unwanted intruders. They also offer better security to your valuable data and other items. The latest is the biometric technologies which use the physical and behavioral characteristics of a person to identify them. Few of its popular types are:

Fingerprint Scanning – This security system uses the thumbprint and fingerprint of a person to recognize them and grant access to them. They are easy to install as well as are a highly effective system for access control Perth.

Vascular Biometrics – This system is normally installed in places where absolute security is paramount as it provides an extra layer of security than the fingerprint scanning. Here, near-infrared light is used to scan the pattern of veins in the fingers. It not only confirms the identity of a person but also helps track their movement within the premises.

Facial Recognition – First invented in 1964; they have made significant advancement today. They are often used along with the latest security camera systems to give a clear and comprehensive record of every person and their activities at your premises. The system is highly effective as it can easily identify even minor differences in appearance almost to eliminate the risk of unwanted access to your property.

There are plenty of other access control systems like iris scanning, voice authentication, and many more. You can get in touch with any of the reputed and credible security professionals in Perth and seek their expert advice in choosing the best biometric sensors for your premises. These surveillance systems are the best systems available today to cater to your access control and security needs simultaneously and keep your people and property completely safe.



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