Critical Parameters You Should Be Aware Of When Shopping For a New Mattress

Did you know that your mattress has a profound effect on your life? Relentlessly tossing on your bed or uncomfortable sleep for no apparent reason are sure indicators that you need to purchase a new mattress. Nevertheless, choosing the perfect mattress is a gruesome task considering the captivating adverts and descriptions on the web and the constant pitching of salespersons in physical stores. Among the favorites that you should consider are the medium firm and the high-density mattresses, which will not only offer you comfort and excellent support but also serve you for a longer time. To help get the best mattress, let’s unravel some of the critical parameters that you should consider when choosing a mattress.

  1. Comfort

Each human body is unique, and so is its comfort needs. While some people prefer to sleep on harder surfaces, others prefer soft surfaces. If you feel uneasiness after seven to eight-hour sleep, it’s evident that the mattress is not offering you optimal support. Nonetheless, avoid soft mattresses. For optimal comfort levels, a medium firm mattress is the least option you can go for. Additionally, you may consider purchasing the firmer, high-density mattress, although it’s highly advisable to top it with a mattress pad to add comfort.

  1. Support

The level of support a mattress offers plays a significant role in spine alignment during sleep. Turning and tossing too much when sleeping is a clear sign that your mattress is not providing you appropriate support. Consequently, opt for foam memory mattress of medium or high density that will conform to your body shape. Additionally, you may go for a mattress with zoned support whereby it allows less sinkage at the middle section to support your spinal curvature. Moreover, mattresses with latex or innerspring support cores offer excellent support since the materials push you up more as you compress against them.

  1. Durability

The durability of a mattress refers to its longevity or lifespan. It depends on the density of the mattress and your weight to some extent. High-density mattress rank high followed by a medium firm mattress in terms of durability. It’s noteworthy to mention that your weight also determines the longevity of a mattress. The heavier you are, the lesser the longevity of your mattress. So, opt for high-density foam, pocket spring, or pure latex mattress for a longer lifespan.

  1. Temperature Regulation/Breathability

Opt for a mattress that supports ventilation and allows your body to cool. Mattresses made with low-quality raw materials have poor heat distribution, which leads to uncomfortable sleep. Select a breathable mattress that will maintain constant body temperature and room temperature. High-density options like memory foams are best for trapping heat while innerspring mattresses have superior heat distribution. To reap more benefits, purchase a hybrid mattress that combines innerspring and latex/ memory foam technologies or a latex alternative.

  1. Weight Limit

Several mattress manufacturers mention the maximum weight that their brands can support. So, ensure that the maximum weight limit matches or is lower than your weight. If you are a couple, take into consideration your combined weight. Standard mattresses can support up to about 300 pounds, but some mattresses can hold as much as 900 lbs.


The fact that you are investing a considerable amount of money in a mattress call for you to make an appropriate selection that will not bring in regrets in the future. Consequently, shop for a mattress that will offer you high comfort and support levels for the longest time possible. The breathability and the maximum weight limit are also important parameters to put into consideration.

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