Effective Tips On How To Choose Correct Tiles For Your Floor

Tiling is the major feature that makes the look of a house charismatic. Just as important as wall tiles are, floor tiling is equally important. When overlooked, despite having the most stunning wall decor, something looks off and missing. So, if redecorating your old house or building a new one, then why not do it the right way? Nevertheless, now that you know floor tiling is crucial, it comes down to the fact that how to choose the right tiling option?

The choice is tough. There are multiple options – natural stone, wood, glazed, matte, semi-polished, and so on. The problem with such a variation is;

  • Some options are sophisticated but expensive
  • Some options are cheaper but breakable
  • Some options are stylish but slippery

In such a scenario where budget is a constraint and yet you do not want to compromise with quality, look, or variety, then porcelain tiles are the best options. It is because;

  • Porcelain tiles are economical and they come in different colors, cuts, designs, and sizes.
  • They have a much higher anti-slip grip and are waterproof too.
  • They are strong and their surface doesn’t crack easily.
  • They retain shine and color for years since they aren’t stained easily.
  • They also come in the same look as that of natural stone and wood.

Therefore, you get to enjoy the feel of luxury at the least possible prices because Club Ceramic floor tiles are built while keeping the requirements of all customers in mind.

Some factors that you still must keep in mind while buying even porcelain tiles include the following.

  • Budget – Porcelain floor tiles have different price ranges depending upon their type and variety
  • Requirement – Whether you want the floor tiles for interiors or exteriors
  • Look – Some types of porcelain tiles get dirty more often than some others. Thus, buy the types and colors that do not get dirty easily when buying them for hallways and so on

These are but a few tips that will help you in making the right choice. Some of the best patterns and designs you can find at Club Ceramic include the following.

  1. Rustic Finish Tiles
  • Apple Wood
  • Challe Wood
  • Cross Wood-A
  • Cumin Wood
  • Drum Wood
  • Deck Wood-A
  • Champina Beige
  • Champina Brown
  • Champina Silver
  • Champina Steel
  • Chiaro Beige
  • Diamante Black-A
  • Drum Wood
  • Etic Tan
  • Genesis Bronze-A
  1. Lapoto Finish Tiles
  • Classy Mojek Sky
  • Classy Mojek Blue
  • Classy Mojek White
  • Classy Mojek Brown
  • Marmetta Brown
  • Marmetta Light
  • Marmetta Grey
  • Marmetta Beige
  1. Polished Finish Tiles
  • Hamburger Grey
  • Brillo Satvario
  • Tropical Satvario
  • Diana Grey
  • Ruby Grey
  • Pink Stone
  • Diano Banco
  • Pencil Stripes
  • Filito Veins
  • Crema Mischief
  • Pidas Onyx


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