How Can I Improve My Front Entrance?

The front entry is the first place that anyone coming to your house will see and pass through. As a result, having access to information on how you can improve it will help you in enhancing the overall curb appeal of your home as well as enhance the front entry.

There are plenty of ways to improve your front entrance. One of the best ways to improve your front entrance is a door replacement. Take advantage of modern replacement doors that come in a variety of styles, designs, and materials.

Other than replacing your front door, here are 5 ways you can improve your front entrance:

1. Stain Your Garage Door

Replacing your existing garage door may be expensive. And if your garage door is still in good shape, you can consider staining it to upgrade its look without spending much money. First, power wash the door to make the surface very clean, then paint your preferred stain on it. If you cannot stain your garage door by yourself, you can hire a painter to help you out at an affordable rate. This will give your garage door a new look and improve the front entry of your home.

2. Welcome Mat

A new colorful welcome mat at your door will provide a warm welcome to guests coming to your house. There are several styles, patterns, and materials on the market. Choose the one that can give the right tone for your outdoor theme or decor. This is an inexpensive way to improve the aesthetics of your front entry.

3. Install a Light Fixture

Improving your front entry does not stop at door replacement. You can install an outdoor lantern at the door or motion-sensing light near the front door to illuminate the door. Besides, you can install pathway low-voltage lights to brighten up the pathway for your guests. These simple changes will create a significant improvement in your front entry curb appeal. Finally, you can put lanterns on posts to illuminate the entire yard.

4. Hide Electrical Fixtures

Having certain electrical fixtures revealing at your entrance may not be ideal. However, you do not have to remove them. Electrical wires, switches, or gearbox on the entry wall can be covered up by painting them in the same color as the wall. This will conceal them and make them blend with the wall without causing distraction. It is an easy way to enhance your front entry.

5. Replace Your Mailbox

Changing your mailbox to a modern model will go a long way in enhancing your front entry. If your mailbox is the traditional type, you can install a wall-mounted model or door slot mailbox that will be incorporated in the door replacement meant for the purpose. However, you may have to consult your postmaster for guidelines in changing your mailbox. Meanwhile, this is a worthy upgrade that will transform your front entry.

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