How Can I Save Money On Winter Heating Bills?

Winter is getting to its peak and the beautiful fur coats are everywhere on the street, but so are the heating bills. There is a love-hate relationship between winter and being indoors. You may want to stay indoors to avoid the harsh weather, but that means your heating bill increases. 

At the same time, you don’t want to be out for too long, because your house may have become an igloo by the time you return. The solution? Devising money-saving methods of insulating your house, without sky-high heating bills. Here are five ways you can save money on winter heating bills. 


  • Use a humidifier 


Regular humidifiers are relatively inexpensive and less-energy consuming than home heaters. With a humidifier, you can create enough saturated air in your house, without the energy cost implication. Using a humidifier means that you can take your air with you to any room you are in, making sure you are not wasting energy by leaving heaters on in every room. 


  • Bundle up with warm materials 


Why rely on machines, when you have materials? For every time you are indoors, you can wrap up in heavy clothing and blankets to keep warm and use less energy for heating. By doing this, you allow your body generate its own heat and increase blood circulation so not only are you saving heating cost, you are also helping your physical health. 


  • Heat up only the rooms you use


This is a very logical method of saving money on your bills. Rather than expend a lot of energy by leaving the heaters on everywhere, to get a ‘toasty’ feeling during winter, simply heat up the rooms you know you’d visit frequently. That way, you’ll avoid paying an exorbitant heat bill because the heater was left on, in an empty guest room.


  • Installing energy-efficient windows and doors


One of the reasons your house gets so cold during winter is the windows and doors you have. Energy-efficient windows and doors are designed with maximum temperature resistance. This way, you can shut off your heater when leaving in the morning and you’d still be able to step into your house in the evening, without fear of frostbite. 


  • Calibrate ceiling fans


Fans during winter? Yes. The cold you feel indoors is basically the air that has been circulating inside the house. Calibrating your ceiling fans helps you secure proper ventilation without driving cold air. You can also clear your vents for the same purpose. 

You don’t have to go into credit card debt, just because you are trying to stay warm during winter. Adopt cheaper, and efficient, methods of saving money this winter. 




Infographic Provided by American Residential Services

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