How can wallpaper and ceiling design give interesting feeling

The space you live in, the area you inhabit, becomes your safe space; it becomes your identity. There are five walls in a room: the four walls and one ceiling, which we tend to forget very often. But the roof is the one that adds depth to the office, that completes the look. Apart from the primary coating of the walls in your living room, bedroom, or any other space in the house, you can easily change the look of it. How? By adding wallpapers or carving intricate designs on the ceiling during construction. Today, a lot of materials are available that can help you modify the plain-looking design of the rooms. 

Add a wallpaper to the main wall of your living room and witness the change in light of the area.

Let’s consider some of the advises given by Vaastu for applying wallpaper in the house. Beginning from Interior Design Companies, the first advice they give (keeping in mind Vaastu of the house) to conceal a naked wall entrance if there is any. A bare wall on the entrance sends out a feeling of loneliness that can be counteracted with the help of a poster of Ganesha. 

The wallpaper in your drawing room must send a message of strength as it is the depiction of the energy in your home. In the North-East direction of your room, place a scenery, or apply wallpaper with flowing patterns. This is advised as the scenery, and the flowing design imparts a sense of movement into the future and denotes good planning. Similarly, for maintaining good social relations with your neighbors and guests, hang or paint the picture of a sunrise. The energy at sunrise is a very healthy source of vitamins; this sends out a message of welcome and strength (health-wise). It’ll help in maintaining good relations. 

At Nuspcae, the clients design their ideal houses with Nuspace Interiors. When we Indians buy our homes, we put immense emphasis on the Vastu of the house. Vastu believes that for any object to exist, there is a combined power of all the five elements giving energy for its survival. Similarly, for your house to have the feeling of home, there are five elements: zeal, power, strength, confidence, and money that provide energy to wellness and the prosperity of the house. Hence, it is essential to focus on the kind of power or the vibe your home reflects. Interior design companies give a great emphasis on Vastu. One such Vaastu tip is to have high ceilings in your home, including your kitchens as it embarks growth and prosperity in the house. If you are looking for professionals, there are many samples of modular kitchens in Bangalore or other cities in India. Contact the nearest dealer for rates. Companies often work together with Vastu to create a perfect blend of prosperity and identity to your homes. 

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