How Granite Quarried in Ancient Civilizations?

Granite is said to be existing for the last 300 million years in the planet earth and the people on ancient civilizations around the world had identified and recognised its beneficial properties and usefulness. They also identified that granite is hard, strong and heavy and can absorb any amount of forces caused by heat, rain, heat or sun, and will not get destroyed for centuries. This is the reason, great civilizations around the world extensively used granite in building their massive structures, palaces, gigantic statues, monuments, prayer places like mosques, temples, massive churches etc. If you are looking for granite tiles for your kitchen and bathrooms, get them from Granite au Sommet.

Along with granite, the ancient Egyptians also used large quantities of limestones to build their monuments and houses. There is evidence that the Egyptians loved and preferred grey, black and red granite from the city of Aswan. The stone quarries of Aswan prove that the technicians or people who dug the quarries were highly skilled and learnt the techniques of digging the quarries, removing massive rocks, cutting the rocks and stones etc. which were used in the great pyramid of Giza. Find the best granite slabs and tiles in Granite au Sommet for building your floor other places in your kitchen and bathrooms.

As per the history of the kingdom of Aswan which existed from 2650 BC to 2152 BC, the basic quarrying techniques consisted of prying the loose stones from the quarry surface. In the course of the new kingdom during 1539 BC, quarrying techniques went through a massive advancement. The Archaeological evidence in Egypt reveals that the Egyptian technicians hacked off the weathered granite from the upper layers of the quarries first, and then dug a trench around the rock in order to cut. A cubit rod was used to measure the depth of the trench around the rock and then the workers started to cut the stone from beneath. Contact Granite au Sommet for the best granite for various construction in your house.

The ancient stone cutters of Egyptian civilization used the technique of wood soaking to crack the rocks. The first made big holes by chisel and hammer and then inserted dry wooden blogs inside the holes and pour water to soak the wood. Eventually when the wood expanded the rocks cracked. Then the cutter used the iron chisel to cut apart the granite and used the bronze chisel to cut apart the limestone and other softer stones. If you require the best granite slabs and tiles for your kitchen and bathroom, contact Granite au Sommet for best deliverables.

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