How to Decide Whether You Need to Repair or Replace Existing Windows


If the windows in your house are leaking, getting cold or became foggy, you may get confuse whether to repair them or replace them with the new one. 

Due to improvement in manufacturing techniques and options available many people are replacing their windows instead of repairing, particularly when it comes to wood-framed type of windows with fiberglass, wood, vinyl, or other metal windows. Also, the cost of windows with fiberglass and vinly are low. 

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The following information on different problems windows have generally, that helps you in making a wise decision.

Water leakage

If you find water near your window not inside or through it, then it may be because of poor drainage system. Re-route drainage system and check if there is any difference. 

Besides, there may be a problem in your window casing, but it is not your window problem. If the water is coming from your window in such case you need to replace the old one.

Broken or cracked glass

If you are unable to see from the window due to a crack or the window was completely broken. Then, you need to purchase a new window to replace it for visual clarity and security.

If there are small problems like inoperable sashes and rotting or missing drip cap, and broken mullions or muntins you can get them repair with the help of a technician.  In case, there are problems such as poor casing, foggy windows, and others you have to buy new windows to replace the old one. 


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