How To Plan Your Dream Bathroom


The bathroom contains both the shower, bath, toilet, and sink. How you plan and arrange the bathroom matters, this can be done by plumbing service like wolfers plumbers amongst others. Below are tips to guide you in planning your dream bathroom

Step 1: The Collection Of Ideas

This can be your own, but you can also learn a lot from other people’s bathrooms. So take a look around where there are bathrooms and collect free ideas for your bathroom. The advantage of this collection of ideas is not only that you know better what you want. Even bathroom professionals can get a perfect impression of your wishes with the help of pictures. You can check online, go to bathroom exhibitions, ask people, etc. The whole bathroom doesn’t have to be pleasing – small details also count, such as a beautiful color or chic tiles. The bathroom design must make you feel good.

Step 2: The Wish List

The wish list is one of the most important steps towards a dream bathroom. Because this is where you record what you would like to have in your bathroom later, it starts with the essential bathroom equipment, such as the toilet, shower, and bathtub – and ends with extras such as a hairdryer holder or make-up mirror. Choose bathroom furnishings that fit your needs and that are practical for you. For example, owners of small bathrooms who rarely bathe are often better advised to have a large, comfortable shower than the combination mini bathtub plus shower.

Step 3: The Financial Framework

Planning your budget and timeframe may not be as fun as picking out paints or fittings, but it’s just as important – if not more so. See how much money you have available for “all things considered,” set the budget, and stick to it. Do not calculate too tightly – you should also plan around 10 percent of the total budget for unforeseen expenses.

Step 4: The Right Professionals

At some point in your bathroom upgrade, you will need professional help. Some earlier because they feel more secure when a professional is there from the start. The others later, when the actual renovation phase starts. So, while you are planning the bathroom, find the proper support. Ask family and friends which craftsmen they can recommend, go to bathroom exhibitions, get advice, or get in touch with local plumbing companies like

Hire a bathroom planner. This initially increases the costs, but in the long run, these professionals save a lot of money with their specialist knowledge – not only because they avoid mistakes in bathroom planning but also because they can give good tips on bathroom furnishings and materials.

Step 5: Divide The Bathroom Properly.

Regardless of whether you plan to hire a bathroom planner or not, you should draw up a sketch of your bathroom layout. This will give you an idea of ​​how much space you have available and give the professionals helpful advice on how to imagine your new bathroom.