How To Renovate A Condo 

Condominium, or condo as they are commonly known, are apartment units with smaller sizes than the regular size of an apartment. Condos are usually inhabited by one person, or a few people, who is independent to be live alone but can’t afford a large space (or one who just doesn’t want a large space).

As with most spaces, anyone living in a condo would want their personal mark and interest, be displayed in the condo. This can be in form minor decors like throw pillow, or a full on renovation. This begs the question; how exactly do you renovate a condo? 

For starters, the space is small and as a result, the options for decor are reduced. Still, this can’t stop a determined person, you just have to work around it for condo renovation. Here are five tips to help you renovate a condo.

  • Develop a Guideline

Having a guideline for your condo renovation is very important. It includes your plan, budget and action-directive to help you present the idea for renovation to your landlord, or hired contract staff. The guideline should also include all the ideas you have about what is to be done for the condo to look exactly the way you want it to be.

  • Hire a Contractor 

A condo has minimal working space and so, you need to hire a professional who knows how to work with such space and still deliver an exquisite job. Work on your guide with the contractor, to get expert advice on what will, and what will not work for your condo.

  • Maximize space

Make enough use of the space you have available. Put desks and shelves in as many places as you can, without overcrowding the condo. Desks and shelves help you to store more items and as such, they are more preferred. 

  • Get external storage 

Rent external storage space to keep some of your heavier items and free up space in your living area. Having an external storage site allows you to make plans for a larger space, without having to worry about where to put it while living in a condo.

  • Know your limits

While there are options for buying a condo, most people prefer to rent. In either case, it is important to know exactly what your limits are; what you can change, what you can install and what part of the structure you are allowed to manipulate to your desired choice.

When the condo becomes home, personalizing the living space becomes a great desire —that is usually left to chance. It is important to seek and receive the landlord’s consent before conducting any renovation. Whether or not to you get this agreement then determines if, and how, you can renovate the condo. 

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