How to Unclog Buried Drain Pipes

In the Australian suburb of Ramsgate, buildings and homes experience clogged sinks and drains more often than expected. Regular cleaning helps but reach is limited, usually above the S trap.  One can only do so much until the gradual build-up of grease solidifies. Plungers most of the time may be enough to dislodge a blockage in a kitchen sink or toilet.

Avoiding Expensive Clogs, In-Ground Gutter Drainage Systems Require  Maintenance | GutterBrush

The problem lies with clogged drains that can’t be solved by simple methods. These can be hard to reach pipes under a wooden front porch or concrete basement floors. There may be intrusions in the sewer lines caused by tree roots and earthquakes. Traditional digging to fix the issue takes time, and restorations even cost more.  And what happens if the problems persist?

Drainage inspection and maintenance is not for DIY Dads. New South Wales plumbing code prohibits inspection and de-clogging by unlicensed individuals. Special tools like CCTV cameras are used to minimise disturbance and avoid unnecessary damage to the drainage system.

CCTV Pipe Inspection

CCTV pipe inspection uses cameras to inspect buried drain lines without the need to excavate. The high-resolution images captured are excellent references for accurate diagnosis and in identifying efficient unclogging methods.

Cameras are inserted in the drains and moved using flexible rods or robots. It provides real-time images making it easier to find the cause of blockages such as food scraps, wet wipes, or even collapsed sections. Solutions can range from trimming tree roots to total pipe replacements.

Below are some signs that it’s time to get a CCTV pipe inspection:

  • Overflows in drains and toilets
  • Drains in sinks, toilet and bath areas are slow to empty or not at all
  • Gurgling noises from floor drains and toilets
  • Foul smell that does not go away

Beyond clogged drains, CCTV Pipe inspection can also provide a health check to the drainage system. It’s an opportunity to check the structural condition as well. Through the waterproof camera running inside the pipe, plumbers spot rusts, cracks, and leaks.

The best plumber Ramsgate wide provides complete reports in print or digital copies 24 hours after completing on-site CCTV inspection and related repairs. These reports may be shared with other interested parties such as brokers and Sydney Water. It may also come in handy later for insurance claims.

Water Jet Blasting

Water jet blasting, or hydro-blasting uses water pressure to remove blockages in drain pipes. Through a CCTV pipe inspection, plumbers identify the location and cause of the blockage. Appropriate unclogging methods are then selected. Water Jetting is one of the popular options.

High water pressure, which can reach 5,000 psi, is used to break down tree roots and other debris to clear the drain. Pipes are scrubbed but not damaged since the method uses water and not chemicals. Combined with hot water, it offers a pipe-friendly but effective way to flush out stubborn oil and grease buildups. The debris are later collected in service manholes.

Pipe Relining

Intrusions will find their way again inside the pipes if the cracks and holes areas are not fixed. Moisture buildup in the leaking pipes attracts tree roots. Dust and other debris can re-enter unplugged openings. With Pipe relining, a new inner lining is added to the damaged pipe’s interior. It will cover and seal the damaged parts, adding decades to the drainage system’s life.

From simple tools to power solutions, modern plumbing offers various ways to address clogging in Ramsgate’s drains. There’s no need to stress it out.