Nelson Partners Talks About the Evolving Landscape of Student Housing

The evolving expectations and needs of the modern students have considerably influenced the design of student housing projects across the world. A substantial shift has particularly being witnessed in regards to inclusivity, sustainability, privacy and technology, and real estate companies like Nelson Partners usually pay heed to all these factors while developing their student housing projects. Most student housing operators, developers and managers today try their best to incorporate distinctive elements into their student accommodation units to cater to the evolving trends in terms of communal and private spaces, study style, technology, sustainability and more.

A good number of students today grew up never having to share a bathroom or bedroom. In several cases, college is the first opportunity they get to experience communal living. Hence, students try their best to find accommodation options that can provide them privacy levels similar to what they had at home.  Housing quality is becoming a key consideration when deciding where to attend college.

The “one size fits all” student housing approach does not work these days. Modern students have very different expectations when it comes to privacy versus community. While some students may prefer suite-style accommodations with shared bedrooms and a shared in-unit bathroom, many others would want single bedrooms and living rooms. There are many students, particularly the introverts, who prefer to live alone during their college years. On the other hand, a number of other students prefer living with their best friends.  Meeting the unique needs of each student and their lifestyle requires dynamic community designs and experiences.  Hence, purpose build student housing projects today come equipped with accommodation options of diverse types and styles. One can find both studio apartments to spacious 3 and 4 bedroom units at such projects.

In addition to meeting the varied privacy and community living needs of the students, housing projects meant for them should also include ample academic and social resources, as well as modern amenities. Students today socialize when and how they please. They also like to have immediate access to various facilities like gym, computers, printing and more, without having to own them. Even students who demand more privacy in terms of their living spaces are usually comfortable in taking part in broader community activities if adequate getaway spaces are provided. This has prompted the inclusion of cafes, academic spaces and community spaces in student housing projects.

The study habits of students have also evolved over the years, especially owing to the availability of technology. As technology has become increasingly portable, students do not have to stay at their desk for long hours to stay. Rather, students prefer to take their laptops, tablets, kindle and phones to community spaces, study spaces and cafés. Due to this trend, student housing industry is also increasing its focus on distinctive indoor and outdoor spaces. Projects developed and managed by companies like Nelson Partners especially comes equipped with all the facilities a modern student typically desires from their living space.