Options to Improve Water Pressure


Having a low water pressure can be quite problematic. Don’t worry, though! There are numerous options available for you to increase your water pressure. We will be talking about a few of these options in the following article.

Open your supply valve

You should call yourself lucky if this is your issue. The reason you might not have high water pressure is probably that the supply valve isn’t open! Here’s what you do. Locate your master water valve (which will probably be near the water meter). Make sure that it is fully open. Through this, you will get high water pressure!

Inspect the pressure reduction valve

Most homes linked with the public water system make use of reduction valves. These valves make sure that the pressure doesn’t get too high to handle! If you want to locate the pressure reduction valve, you’ll find it close to the meters or where ever your service line connects to your home. The manufacturers set it to 40-65 PSI. But sometimes, the adjustments are improper. All you need to do is make it right! But be careful! Don’t end up adjusting it too much. It could destroy your plumbing.

Fix any leaks

At this stage, you should scrutinize your appliances and pipes yourself and see if there are any possible leaks. Note that even minor leaks are capable of significantly reducing water pressure. Repair those leaks and enjoy high water pressure. It is also possible that you have a main line brake in which case you need to call water main break repair in Toronto.

 Wash or change your pipes

Blocked pipes make it difficult for water to pass through them. Many things can lead to blockage. Clogs or sediments accumulate within the pipe. Clogs are simpler to fix since they are more towards the surface. Even a quick plunge can resolve the problem! If your sinks or toilets don’t have a clog, try searching a bit deeper. If you still can’t spot any clogs, you might want to check your pipes! In case of a sediment buildup, you should be more concerned. Older pipes are prone to get corroded. Consult this problem as soon as you can. It is possible to get rid of this problem by simply shaking it off. But if it is too late, consider getting a new pipe. This way, you can increase your water pressure!

Get a water softener

Sediment tends to accumulate because of hard water. Hardened sediments and minerals don’t allow water to flow through easily. A lot of pressure gets wasted. Your system is forced to work harder. If you install a water softener, future accumulation will not take place, and your water pressure will remain high and consistent. You won’t have to waste extra money on the maintenance of your pipes!

Booster pump installation

What if your pipes are functioning, but your water pressure is still low? In this case, consider installing a booster pump. Booster pumps catch water as it flows through your main line and re-pressurize it before it comes into your household. You can operate them manually or automatically. They will help you to increase your water pressure for sure!