Paint problems that only a Commercial Painter can solve!

You can get only one first impression. Moreover, if you are a business owner, the first impression on a business is often based on how your building looks like. As a business owner, you should keep your building neat and well maintained to make sure your building gets a good first impression. This can help gain new customers and in turn, boost your sales. Besides, even a well-maintained building will have problems with the exterior paint in due course such as cracked paint, peeling paint, or faded paint. In order to keep your building look at its best, you should hire commercial painters Sydney to assist. Here we have listed some common problems which can be dealt with by commercial painters.

Cracked Paint:

Some exterior paints tend to get cracks or blisters eventually. When this occurs, it can leave your commercial building look dishevelled and old. Commercial printers can fix such problems. At first, they will chip away any peeling, blistered or cracked paint. Once the surface is completely prepared the commercial painters will apply a fresh coat of paint on your commercial building. Because the peeling and loose paint will not allow better adhesion, the painters will pressure wash the surface. Once the surface is smooth and clean, the coat of paint applied will last longer.

Faded Paint:

When the paint on the exterior wall of your commercial building starts to fade, it will give the outside of your building an out-dated, tired, and worn outlook. This, in turn, can give a wrong impression. Commercial painters Sydney can help on this. They will apply a fresh coat of paint to the entire building making its look fresh, vibrant, and new. The commercial painters will help pick fade resistant top quality paint to slow down the fading process.

 Fungal Growth:

Mildew and mould tend to grow on the shaded sides of a commercial building. The commercial painting contractors Sydney who has so much experience in dealing with different problems faced by commercial buildings will fix these unpleasant issues. Applying a fresh coat of paint over the mould will not fix the problem. The commercial painters will do three things:

  • Remove any area of mildew or mould completely.
  • To prevent mildew or mould from growing back, the area will be treated appropriately.
  • Paint affected area of the building once again using a mould resistant paint.

Shrivelling or Wrinkling:

When the paint is applied too heavily on a surface or if the second coat is applied before the first coat dries up, the painted surface tends to form a skin that looks wrinkled or shrivelled. This uncured paint exposed to high humidity, rain and Dew is also one of the factors for shrivelling or wrinkling.

This can be avoided by hiring professionals for commercial painting Sydney who will do the job perfectly to prevent problems in the future.

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