Poly winding wire – ideal solution for high-frequency and safety application

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High-quality submersible winding wires are called poly winding wires that are widely used in electrical, mechanical, and electronics industry. The submersible cables play a vital role in the marine industry.

Poly winding wire is manufactured with high-quality raw materials with advanced technology in competing and compliance with industrial terms. These wires are made by a copper conductor which is wrapped with thin polyester film and biaxial polypropylene films. Poly winding wires are triple layer taped winding wire that has excellent electrical and mechanical properties. It is widely used in submersible water pumps and irrigation pumps.

Properties and uses of poly winding wires

Poly winding wires are insulated with polypropylene and polyester that ensures the capability of withstanding high temperature and mechanical abrasion extremely in high limit. For winding poly wires pure copper cc rod is used to draw the copper conductor.

Poly winding wires are used for submersible pumps that are more flexible and good in performance. They are good conductors of heat helps in the transmission of electricity even under the ground and water.

Applications of poly winding wire

  • Poly winding wires are widely used in industrial motors, submersible pumps, irrigation pumps, transformers, and other marine equipment.
  • Poly winding wires are able to withstand friction loss, water abrasion, cost, and work. It greatly saves time, money, and energy. It is safe and secure to use any type of poly winding wires.
  • Triple tapped winding wires in poly winding have excellent electrical and mechanical properties. These wires are available in different length and capacity.


Uses of poly winding wires

  • Poly winding wires are the important accessories used in the insertion of submersible pumps and motors. It has the feature of high water resistance and moisture that helps for the long life of motor and pumps.
  • In the marine industry, all the electrical and electronic types of equipment become moisture due to floating of the ship. To avoid major accidents and damage, these poly winding wires are used for saving the highly valued electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Poly winding wires play a vital role in the marine industry, electrical industry, production industry, mechanical industry, and electronic industry.

Reason for using poly winding wires

Poly winding wires are highly abrasive and are good resistance of heat, water, and oil. Even though, when you used these cables under the water, there is no high risk of damage or reduction in quality is the main advantage of using poly winding wire.

These winding wires provide long life to the cable. It provides better strength and support in all applications. It is a good resistance to grease. It provides stronger strength and better ductile. It greatly helps in the consumption of low power.

It sounds like an excellent eco-friendly product ad it shows the best result in shock tests. It never spoils or damages the human or electrical and electronics product even under shock. The wiring systems are integrated in the way to bare the sudden burst of high voltage consumption or interruption of the process.


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