Questions you should ask when buying a Commercial Awning

Investing in retractable awnings Brisbane prices is a powerful way to improve your energy efficiency, guest comfort, and branding. These high-quality products can increase your foot traffic, expand your usable space, and also modernise your building’s style, helping you make and save more money.

However, not all retractable awnings are created equal. While shopping for a commercial awning, it is vital to ask a few questions to the dealer to make sure the product you invest in will add value to your property.

Is the awning Durable and Easy to Maintain?

You would be investing a considerable amount on the awning, so you must ensure you get value for your money. A high-quality retractable awning should last for years and require minimal resources to maintain it. In contrast, a poor quality awning can leave you worried about investing in the first place.

The professionals you decide to purchase your awning from should guide you through the professional design, build, and installation process to ensure the products are crafted expertly to withstand regular use.

Is the awning right for my Commercial property?

For a commercial awning, there is no one-size-fits-all option. The awning you choose should address the unique needs of your space. Before you select the commercial awning you think is right for you, identify the challenges you might have to address. There are different types of awnings, like manual and motorised products. Whether you are looking to cover overhead skylights or a large patio, the dealer you choose should be able to help you pick the right product for your needs.

Does the dealer also install the Retractable Awning?

Enquire if the dealer you choose to purchase the awning does installation as well. If they don’t, ask them if they would recommend some installer for you. Also, find out if the installation is covered under warranty and if it includes any required adjustments or services.

Motorized or Manual – Which is better?

While selecting retractable awnings in Brisbane, you will have the option of manual or motorised cranks. The decision comes down to your electrical setup and, of course, your personal preference. Motorised options are more convenient and easy to control, with some even connected to smart devices. Whereas with manual operation, you will save on installation costs, and it doesn’t have electricity wired on to the patio or deck, yet it requires more muscle power to operate.

What are my Mounting Options?

Retractable awnings can be mounted on any exterior wall or from the roof above any drainage and gutters. This is one important discussion to make, as this will affect the height of the awning. Also, note the mount will make a difference when it comes to the time taken for installing the awning.

Getting answers to these questions can help you make a better choice when it comes to purchasing retractable awnings for your commercial property.