Right Steps for the Perfect Vacuum Cleaners

For the Vacuum cleaners you need to be specific. Specially, for the best effects you need to go for the bissell crosswave reviews. There are two kinds of suction heads: triangular or rectangular, but it does not matter. Be careful on the grooves so that they are not too big and that the bristles are arranged on all four sides of the suction head so as not to lose suction power. It will be suitable for the maintenance of an apartment.

Vacuum cleaners “economical”: they offer less power than some models in this list. Their main advantage is that they consume less electricity than conventional sleds. They are relatively effective.

The compact vacuum cleaners: The compact vacuum cleaners are perfect for a small area or a multi-storey house, a very small model (6 kg), if possible equipped with a shoulder strap, will be better even if the tank capacity is smaller.

Cigarette vacuum cleaners: they can absorb water, ashes and small rubble, very versatile, they find their place both at home and in the garage. The canister vacuum represents 1% of the market. Inlaid dusts, gravel, water, dead leaves, all this dirt which a vacuum cleaner cannot overcome, the vacuum cleaners “can” swallow them.

However, its size is relatively large and cannot be stored anywhere. Supporting well sanding dust, sucking easily small rubble, they are your ideal ally for you to embark on important work, without having to bear the dirt that goes with it. Robust and efficient, the canister vacuum cleaner is able to clean the most dirty surfaces and suck the residues of all kinds.

Broom vacuum cleaners: Reserved for small areas such as small apartments, the models are numerous and their profile can vary. They can be found in a rechargeable version, wireless and often without a bag (The bag can take a volume that does not offer the vacuum cleaner broom. The vacuum cleaner will be perfect for a small studio. Especially handy, this vacuum easily stored in its upright position. Some models offer the possibility of detaching a part of the body of the vacuum cleaner in order to use it as a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuums: No longer having to vacuum, that’s what technology offers us. Funny little machines allow you to imagine the vacuum that we tested recently. But the models are particularly expensive given their recent technology (from 400 to more than 1,000 euros) and their performance leaves something to be desired. Indeed, this type of apirator does not go in every corner and does not allow manual use by the user.

The robot vacuum is very popular among families who want to make their homes easier to maintain. It is perfect for keeping a house clean. Behind its ultra-compact and rounded format, the robot vacuum hides a technology capable of sucking floors independently. He walks wirelessly and moves across the room recognizing obstacles and avoiding them. Some models are equipped with virtual walls that the robot vacuum cleaner cannot cross or a professional laser range finder to “scan” the room.

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