Room Renovation: The Best For You in Design

It is not a novelty that the parquet remains one of the best variants for the living room floor. It enhances a space, makes it more elegant, more attractive, warmer and is the first thing that catches your attention when you enter a room. This is also due to the fact that wood can hardly be matched by another material. It is natural, warm, comfortable, has a unique design and full of personality. Today you have countless models and wood essences to choose from, from the classic oak to cherry, mahogany or why not, recycled wood essences. It is more and more easy to install, it is resistant, durable, it does not cause problems in the maintenance process, and its appearance can be renewed by sanding.

The Designs with the Wooden Floor

A beautiful wooden floor never goes out of style and suits any style or type of space, whether it is a small apartment, a house, a duplex or a cottage. This is the fact that parquet is available in so many shapes, colors and patterns make it fit your needs to integrate it as easily as possible in the space. The wide parquet tiles have a comforting and soothing look, and the glossy finish brings an extra refinement and sophistication to a spacious living room. Visit to understand the best of it.

In a small living room, but very well lit, the narrow parquet tiles arranged in the spike are more suitable. Create a beautiful pattern and bring a plus where there is not much room for furniture or decorations. To enjoy a warm and comfortable space you can also add a rug made of a pleasant material to the touch, and for a contemporary look you can use the same parquet in an open space area.Here are some inspirational images to help you choose the best parquet for the living room.

The best parquet for the living room, depending on the style


For a contemporary space, opt for a parquet in a classic shade of brown and paint the walls gray-gray. Create games of light and shadow with the help of scaffolding in the ceiling and choose transparent curtains and light-colored curtains. Natural light plays an important role in any space and adds value. Make a mix of different types and models of furniture with a simple line design. Also, there is no problem if certain pieces have the same shade of parquet.


The best parquet for a Scandinavian living room – decor in shades of gray

The Scandinavian style is still in high demand. If it is also your favorite then it can be an inspired choice for a modern living room . In this case, bet on wood, games with different shades of gray and color accents. The best choice for such a space is a gray parquet, extremely easy to match with different pieces of furniture and decorations. Overall, you can go for a combination of white and various shades of gray, and use wood and blue of different intensities as color accents.

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