Should You Go With Vertical Or Horizontal Stripes In Your Home?

The use of stripes in the decoration can make the environment more relaxed and can be used in some tricks such as leaving the place looking visually larger, giving it greater amplitude, or even the opposite, making the environment appear smaller. And creating visual effects is just one more benefit of using stripes!

Don’t be afraid to use stripes, they can be used vertically, horizontally, and diagonally and available in removeable wallpaper. But there is no standard that defines how they should be, you can find thinner or thicker stripes, regular or irregular, it all depends on the idea you have for the environment.

Versatility of Stripes

Stripes are very versatile and can be used on wallpapers, sofas and pillows, furniture, and decorative objects. They can be striking or more discreet, just to add a touch.

Be careful not to use such strong stripes in places that you can look at for a long time, such as behind the TV or in front of the bed because if intense stripes are used, they can end up tiring the eyes of the viewer.

It is essential to know the environment well before applying the stripes in the decoration so that you do not get overwhelmed, knowing how to use them correctly and in favor of your decoration are things you will learn here!

Horizontal Or Vertical, Thick Or Thin – What Effects Do Stripes Have On The Wall?

What is the effect of the vertical stripe?

It has the same effect that, in fashion, it narrows the space, enhancing the ceiling height. It creates an amazing visual effect in the application. If the problem in the environment is height, this is the ideal type to increase it.

And the horizontals?

Horizontal stripes widen the room. A sure bet for those who want to increase the visual range of smaller environments.

What is the influence of colors?

Each color refers to a style and should match the decor of the space. The more vibrant and dark ones, for example, are suitable for modern and young spaces and can be used by those looking for a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

It’s the opposite?

Light and neutral nuances should be used in environments that demand a more sober and classic decoration.

Does the width of the stripes matter?

Yea! The thicknesses must be well analyzed so as not to make mistakes. If you’re afraid to take a risk, thinner stripes are the best solution. They look good in any situation and create a cleaner environment.

And the longest?

They direct attention to a point. If the environment is large, bet on wider or monochromatic stripes. It’s a guarantee of success.

Not to make a mistake!

The stripe peel and stick wallpapers can be used in any environment due to their versatility. It is ideal to lengthen the room, increase the height or attract more attention to a certain place. It just depends on the effect and style you want for the decoration of the space. Each stripe causes unique and surprising visual results.

Tip:  in the case of wallpaper, before selecting it, it is necessary to observe the colors of the environments so that the choice matches the style you want to convey: more classic or more modern.

Ready to use stripes on the walls of your home?