The Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Home Windows?

Like any kind of component of the residence, windows need care and maintenance to work at complete capability. The adhering to maintenance and cleansing suggestions are supplied to assist you to avoid irreversible damage and maximize the performance of the glass in your windows.

It is recommended that a check and cleaning need to be conducted every six months for tidy settings and approximately every three months for grimy as well as seaside atmospheres.

The most vital part of glass cleaning is taking care not to damage the surface. Inappropriate cleansing can trigger long-term damage to the pane. We have provided some basic guidance on proper glass cleansing treatments below. Certain suggestions on the cleansing of the glass must always be looked for from a respectable glazier or expert window cleaner before any glass cleansing is undertaken. Specialist window cleaners have considerable experience and accessibility to specialist tools, materials, and approaches.


  • Secure glass throughout the building. Building and construction dust, leachate from concrete and rusting from steel can add to the formation of mild chemicals, which may stain or otherwise damage the glass.
  • Just use cleansing materials which are devoid of grit as well as debris to prevent damaging as well as marking of the glass surface.
  • Clean the surface area with a few drops of methylated spirits on a moist fabric and then polish the surface dry with a dust-free cloth.
  • Use extra look after high efficiency and reflective glass.
  • Use detergents and cleansing options that especially specify they are secure for glass cleaning.


  • Never utilize metal scrapers to get rid of paint, mortar, etc. from glass surfaces. To cleanse, flooding with water as well as dab with a sponge. Do not scrub with the sponge or scraping will occur.
  • Prevent cleansers which contain hydrofluoric or phosphoric acid as they are destructive to the glass surface area.
  • Prevent cleaning up the glass when the glass is hot or in straight sunshine.
  • Do not enable cleansing services to contactwith the sides of laminated glass, double glazed glass or mirrors.
  • Do not store or locate other materials in contact with the glass. This can damage the glass or create a heat trap and bring about thermal stress.