Tips to make the best use of utility spaces

Tips to make the best use of utility spaces Tips to make the best use of utility spaces Tips to make the best use of utility spaces, most of the times, people are unaware of making the best use of the spaces. Most of the time these utility areas are left as a laundry storage area or a trash area. But, wise planning can allow a more storage space that can match with your house design. Not only, they will add value to the property but serve many purposes. Heated floors by heavenly heat are one of the ways to make the best use of utility spaces. Here are some of the tips:

  1. Think for clever designs: Divide your space into zones. Visualize, how to make it more neat and organized.  If space is marrow, you can make tall units with doors, to provide storage behind the doors.
  2. Builds shelves and cupboards: Try to maximize the space while building shelves and cupboard. You can even build a floor to ceiling storage for utilizing every inch space.
  3. Use airer to dry clothes: If you are short on floor space, then sue a well-mounted airer to dry clothes. These clothes airers get folded up when not in use. Use radiator to speed up the drying process.
  4. Use a laundry basket in the utility area: Use a laundry basket with wheels which can be kept elsewhere when not in use.
  5. Use a spiral wine cellar: This natural cellar can be installed anywhere neatly. This spiral cellar can be installed under any ground floor also. It makes sense if you a wine lover.
  6. Look for a design that matches your kitchen: Utility rooms are usually windowless and therefore, a glass-walled design matches perfectly. It not only looks great but also allows natural sunlight to pass through.
  7. Raise the tumble dryer and washing machine height using a cupboard: Instead of bending down now and then, raise the height of tumble dryer and washing machine. Use a sliding shelf for your laundry basket.
  8. Easy reach for everyday materials used: Plan your storage area very carefully. Mix and match the options. Make easy to reach shelves and keep regularly used things in them.
  9. Use utility rooms as your boot room also. Use your utility rooms as a boot room also. Fit some hooks and keep your coats in the utility area instead of the entrance. This will help to make your living space look cleaner.
  10. Pets can be cleaned there: If your washrooms to be neat and clean, put a large sink in the utility rooms and wash your pets there.
  11. Install a laundry sorting unit: This is another great idea when dirty washing can be passed through and sorted so as to keep them in laundry baskets.
  12. Design utility rooms as per the design of your house: Design the utility area as per your house design. For example, an open shelved storage area made by reclaimed wood is good to match the traditional style.
  13. Improvise: Nothing can be perfect. Improvising the things helps to overcome the shortcomings and utilize the maximum as suggested by heating floors by heavenly heat.

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