Use 3D laser scanning to get a precise idea of the site

Laser scanning is a method that captures as-built conditions with accuracy. It is used to capture any kind of physical object or world environment in 3D. It helps you to capture the data of the object with precision both internal as well as external. It uses a laser that measures all the individual points. Once the data is captured, it is used to produce the plan for the construction. Many laser companies can do the work like 3D laser scanning companies in Hull.

Advantages of using 3D laser scanning

  • Any project that needs accurate as-built information will make use of 3D laser scanning as it provides precise and rapid detail of every point.
  • It captures the data in extensive detail by using unobtrusive methods for capturing the data.
  • It is a cost-effective method as it eliminates the cost of visiting the sites in person.
  • 3D laser scanning can capture a large volume of data with a high level of accuracy, thus, capturing every single detail with utmost clarity.
  • With 3D laser scanning, all the measurements of the site can be done with ease without physically visiting the site.

Architectural application of 3D laser scanning

  • Scanning: 3D laser is the best method to aid the process of architecture from the beginning. It can be used in every stage, from documentation to construction. The data captured provides as a scanned copy of the site that will help to take a necessary decision, and it also serves as a part of a service contract.
  • Schematic design: 3D laser scanning can be used in projects that require remodeling or needs any kind of addition as it will help to process the development, and refine the design ideas and make necessary changes. It is used to make site plans, sections, floor plans, etc.
  • Point cloud to building information model: BIM is an exploding work in architecture, construction, and engineering industry. 3D laser scanning help to acquire accurate data to preparation of the 3D model.