Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

Our bedrooms are the focal point of our romantic relationships, and certain aspects can make or mar the romantic mood in a bedroom.

So what makes a room romantic?

  1. First, Your Bed.

It needs to look as welcoming as possible. Huge plumped up pillows and fresh, crisply washed sheets all wonderfully made up, are vital to making your bed look attractive reminiscent of a 5-star hotel.

  1. 2. It is Essential to Clear Away Clutters.

You need to make your bed the center of attraction and clutters will come in between. If you are accustomed to making a mess of your bedroom, you might want to consider a thorough clean up.

  1. Creating Romantic Lighting in Your Bedroom Can Have a Significant Effect.

Ensure that your overhead light is turned off – it tends to be unflattering and too bright as well. Either use delicate glows bedside lights or tea lights in quite safe holders to create the mood if they are daintily scented the better. White is a lot more romantic color than red for lighting.

  1. Romance and Desire are Connected to Your Sense of Smell.

Just as scented tea lights, you could use a pillow mist, perfume around your bed or on your pillow as well. Try not to go over the edge on an excessive number of various scents, only a couple, particularly if recognizable, will trigger desire.

  1. Have a Go at Sprinkling Your Bed with a Couple of Flower Petals.

They don’t need to be genuine – you can use artificial petals or use petal molded confetti. If your room is upstairs, disperse a couple of the petals up the stairs and over the arrival towards your room. It will show both romance and intent.

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