What color schemes work best with the Cherner counter stool

The aesthetics of the Cherner counter stool are highly fluid. It’s a flexible piece of furniture that is able to fit in and complement a number of interior design styles. But if you’re confused and wondering what kinds of color schemes you can match different textures of your Cherner stool with, then we’ve got a whole list for you to choose from. Let’s take a look:

  1. Bright, modern, and high glossed


If you’re working with an interior design theme that is slick, modern, and on the brighter side of the contemporary aesthetic, then you can definitely choose a color that like red, orange, cerulean, emerald, or even yellow. However, the catch is that the rest of the theme has to be severely understated – probably achromatic – so that this particular color concept can be kept neatly contained. Simply take a look at this image as an example and you’ll understand just what to do.

  1. The navy blue job


Navy blue is a highly charismatic color – one that looks brilliant with wood textured furniture pieces. This is why the Cherner counter stool would make such a huge hit with this tint in the backdrop. You can emulate it in your kitchens through the color of the cabinetry and the undersides of the bar finishes. It’s definitely  bold choice, but one that is worth the visual payoff.

  1. Going multicolor and eclectic


If you’re a fan of the eclectic theme and want your Cherner counter stool to have a highly quirky backdrop, then you can go for an artsy multicolor backdrop. You don’t have to use large swatches of vivid colors. In fact, it’s better that you be sporadic with your color integration. You can introduce various hues in the form of different accessories such as tableware, light fixtures, surrounding décor, and even your kitchen utensils and paraphernalia.

  1. The white and wood aesthetic


White and wood is a timeless aesthetic – one that has been making homes feel spacious and luxe for a long while now. It’s the perfect color scheme to build around the Cherner counter stool because it emulates part of the stool texture itself. The wooden countenance of the stool would look in contrast with its white surroundings. You can accentuate the entire setting with sleek metal accents in both gold and silver.

  1. The industrial palette


The sleek aesthetic of the industrial style consists of a very unique palette. It is comprised of massive concreting, warehouse details, raw metal accents, and stone countertops that emulate an edgy appeal. It’s the perfect way to curate a whole ambiance around your Cherner counter stool. The clean design and wood texture of these stools would look stunning when surrounded by the industrial palette. The natural contrast between all the hues and tints will definitely make the stools stand out a lot.

So, now that you know what types of color schemes you can build around the Cherner stool, you can unleash your imagination and be creative with how you translate the overall designing.