The modification that needs to be done in current structures to make them safer to a seismic activity known as earthquake retrofitting. And as per the survey, only the southern California area hits 10000 earthquakes per year so, it becomes more than 800 earthquakes in a month. And after the Northgate earthquake in 1994 that damages the most of San Fernando Valley region, the city of Los Angeles started new policies for the buildings for the safety against earthquakes. And, it becomes mandatory for all the buildings that are constructed before or after the earthquake needs to retrofitted against the new safety standards.

Cost estimation for retrofitting of the structure

If the structure is built before 1996 only, then it is mandatory to be retrofitted because after the Northgate earthquake in 1994 every structure that is built after that earthquake needs to maintain the safety standard of building policies. So, the cost estimation varies according to the type of building, where it is situated and a number of modifications that need to make on that structure. So, only the structural engineer will tell the actual cost after the final assessment.

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Things to consider before doing retrofitting

  • Retrofitting is an expensive thing so, make sure that you have the budget.
  • Work with the reputed consultant who has a good name in this field.
  • Select appropriate and cost-effective technology that can save some extra bucks.
  • When the structure is being retrofitted, keep the tenants away.
  • Provide every information to the structural engineer.